Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Peaceful year. 2004


Dear friends: 

How are you?  We are very fine.  We really miss you. Thank you for your kindness to us while our staying in Toronto last year. We always remember you and are talking about our dreaming life in Toronto with a lot of beautiful memories. 


Tate will graduate his elementary school this spring and will enter into a junior high school. He practices to both play Judo and Piano. He is growing up, much taller than his mother.

Tomo often plays baseball in order to become a MLB player at Blue Jays like Carlos Delgado.

Koto practices to play the violin everyday. She loves to play in front of  many audience. Yesterday, at our chapelfs Christmas concert she gave a performance. And she has come to be able to read and write in Japanese. Now we are worrying about for her forgetting English.

Yuki has a happy and busy life to take care of her children, and teaches the Bible at Sunday School at the chapel.

Kaz has spent busy life because of some important works of Univ.fs committee, and also research and education, and enjoys serving at the chapel, especially this year our assembly(church) starts to open the baseball club (something like a Boys Club in Canada) and I am a facilitator of baseball club for kids.

And I published a book, Social Work Ethos (2003)in Japanese.


I hope you enjoy happy Christmas and see old year out and the new year in with joy.


 Sincerely yours

Kaz and Yuki, Tate, Tomo, Koto,  The Kihara family