Dear friends:


A Happy New Year.


How are you?@We are very fine. We are surviving a freezing temperature in Canada.

We had much snow on Christmas day. It was a calm and beautiful holyday. Sometimes it falls in temperature of about -15 degree (Wind chill under -25) in Toronto.

 In spite of the cold weather, we love Toronto. Our life in Toronto is very exciting because of the diversities of cultures and lives. Every day I am really enjoying a meaningful life, not only in my academic life at the University of Toronto and some research fields on social work, but also in Christian life, or in friendship among neighbors. Especially friends at Church (we are attending the Leaside Bible Chapel) are very kind to us and inviting us lunch or dinner on almost every weekend.

 It is true that gTime flies like an arrowh, One year would be a moment for us. Our kids also came to love Canada and they are fond of the all Canadian lives: school, friends, boys club and Sunday school in church, and everything. How amazing their copying abilities of adaptation for new environments are!  Despite parentsf worries, they live Canadian lives vividly and lively. Now we are afraid that we have difficulties to let them persuade finish their dreaming Canadian lives and go back to the real life in Japan.

 According to my observation, Canada looks like U.K. rather than U.S. And according to a metaphor by a historian, Canada would be a country just like ga faithful first-born daughter of the U.K.h  We will report and share our lives of Canada in detail later.


I am looking forwarding to seeing you.


Grace and Peace in Him.